Is your strategy taking you where you want to go?

Welcome To Ground Zero

Ground Zero provides strategic planning, policy development, marketing support and business facilitation services for companies, not-for-profit organisations and government agencies.

Ground Zero takes nothing for granted, clearing a path through outdated or contradictory strategies, policies and processes to make way for the new.

In a climate of significant or rapid change, including technological, environmental, legislative or regulatory change, Ground Zero can help you rethink your strategic direction, and reinvent the way you work.

Our Services

Strategic Planning and Research
- situational analysis
- competitive analysis
- demand assessment
- capability evaluation
- planning facilitation
Marketing Support
- review of marketing and branding activity
- market research and analysis
- ideas generation
- market entry
- development planning and delivery
- communications planning and delivery
Business Facilitation
- opportunity evaluation
- training and coaching
- board and management planning
- in-market engagement

Our Partners


Paul O’Connor is passionate about the value of data and the benefits of putting it to good use. I first worked with Paul soon after Datamine’s beginnings above the bike shop in Wakefield Street, Wellington. Now headquartered in Auckland, the company works throughout New Zealand on data mining, statistical analysis, forecasting, predictive modelling, explanatory modelling, optimization, and big data.

Click Suite

Co-founder Emily Loughnan and I have worked on interactive design solutions for clients here and offshore for many years, and I continue to be impressed by the company’s range of work across multiple media. At the heart of their work are interactive experiences for museums, galleries, libraries, iwi and tourism operators, along with website and mobile application development.

Research First

Simon Worthington is Chief Executive of Research First, a leading research and evaluation company operating across most industries throughout New Zealand. Key areas of specialisation are government, rural and education sectors. Expertise includes Economic Impact Assessment, Environmental Scanning, Land Use Modelling, Trade Modelling, Regional Economic Models and Choice Modelling and Choice Experiments.